From the Save Jeff Wood petition:

Unlike many who have responded to this case, I am not an opponent of the death penalty. However, having read the circumstances of this case, it seems unconscionable that the State of Texas (my home for 30 years) could execute Jeff Wood. It is apparent that he was involved in a crime, and may have even been blackmailed into participation, however, that notwithstanding, he is not a murderer. There was no premeditation or even any knowledge on his part that a murder would occur, and was not in the store at the time of the shooting. I supported your refusal to back down on the Medellin execution. I have always believed in capital punishment. My Bible even seems to support it, but even in the Old Testament, it says “the murderer shall surely be put to death.” Since you have already executed the shooter, that standard has been met. Jeff Wood should have never been found guilty of capital murder, regardless of his mental capacity. Please grant him clemency.
Larry & Cathy Giuliani, Parker, Colorado

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