We have heard that Jeff Wood is being transported back to death row in Livingston.

In Austin, we will still gather at the Texas Capitol on the sidewalk facing Congress at 11th Street today at 5:30 PM to celebrate the stay of execution and to urge that Jeff Wood’s death sentence be permanently commuted.

Federal judge Orlando Garcia stayed the execution, finding that Texas violated Wood’s constitutional rights by refusing to provide Wood with a lawyer to help him argue that he is too mentally incompetent to be executed.

“With all due respect, a system that requires an insane person to first make ‘a substantial showing’ of his own lack of mental capacity without the assistance of counsel or a mental health expert, in order to obtain such assistance is, by definition, an insane system,” Garcia wrote.

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One Response to Execution Stay Not Being Appealed: Jeff Wood Will NOT be Executed Today

  1. C says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting this. I heard Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now piece and wanted to get the latest on this case. Thanks for the info. So good to hear the good news.

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