The State Commission on Judicial Conduct’s investigation into Judge Sharon Keller is almost complete. They should be reporting on the results of the investigation soon. They launched the investigation in response to several complaints, including one that we submitted to them that was signed by more than 1,900 people who were upset by Keller’s unethical behavior in closing the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals at 5pm on the night of the execution of Michael Richard. She said, “We close at 5” when told by her staff that the lawyers for Mr Richard were having computer problems and needed an extra 15 minutes to submit an appeal. Richard was executed later that night without having his final appeal considered by Texas’ highest court of criminal appeals.

It has been so long since we filed the complaint that we had just about given up hope that they were going to tell us anything that was going on with the investigation, so we are happy to hear that they have been investigating and will eventually report.

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