According to the latest campaign filing reports covering Jan 1 to June 30, 2008, Susan Strawn raised almost 5 times as much in contributions than her opponent Tom Price.

Susan Strawn raised $11,650.

Tom Price raised $2,425.

The low levels being raised by both of these campaigns means that the winner is likely to depend on the closeness of the presidential race in Texas. If Obama does better than expected in Texas while winning the national election, then Strawn could do well in her race. Strawn has already been endorsed by the Dallas Morning News, which criticized her opponent’s work ethic, frequent absences and deteriorating reputation. If more newspapers endorse Strawn, that will likely help her pick up votes from independent voters making informed decisions. She may be able to pull off a win, as long as the presidential race is not a blowout in Texas.

Tom Price’s report

Susan Strawn’s report.

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