The below appeal is being sent around by family and friends of Robert Jean Hudson.

Texas Death Row Inmate Robert Jean Hudson has been given an execution date of November 20th,2008. It should be considered VERY serious.

In an attempt to save his life, we are asking the Dallas District Attorney to review his case.

Please, copy and fax the letter below to the Dallas District Attorney’s office.
– For people from the USA, the fax number is 214-653-5774
– For people from Europe, the fax number is 00-1-214-653-5774

Please add the date, and put your name and address after your signature.

We need the letters done and faxed as soon as possible. Once it is faxed, please send the original by mail.

We have only 2 weeks!

Please, try to help! Act now and re-send this message to all your contacts ! .
In gratitude,


Mr. Craig Watkins, District Attorney
Franck Crowley Courts Building
133 N. Industrial Boulevard LB 19
Dallas TX 75207

Fax : 214-653-5774

RE : Robert Jean Hudson – Death penalty case – Execution date November 20th,2008

Dear Sir,

Robert Jean Hudson (#999353) is scheduled to be executed by the State of Texas on November 20th,2008 for the murder of Edith Kendrick on May 7th,1999 in Mesquite, Texas (Dallas County).

Although he has always admitted his guilt, and has shown deep personal remorse and sorrow, Mr Hudson has been wrongfully charged of capital murder, did not get a fair trial and did not get adequate review for his post conviction appeals.

I am calling on your strong and impartial sense of justice as well as your fair application of the laws to review the facts of his conviction. You have recently declared you will review all the capital cases from your county and his case is one of them. In this respect, I urge you to stay his execution to enable a reasonable review of the procedural facts of the case, for reasons outlined below :

– The murder was clearly a crime of passion, which occured in a fit of jealousy. Far from being a cold calculated act, the murder was definitely not premeditated, meaning Mr Hudson should not have been charged with capital murder : crimes of passion and non-premeditated murders are not capital offenses in Texas. For this reason, the crime he was found guilty of and sentenced to death for was not a capital crime and was wrongly prosecuted.

– A prosecution report, which strongly minimized Mr Hudson’s role in a prior conviction, was not made available to his trial counsel until it was attached to the State’s response to Mr Hudson’s State Habeas writ. The State’s failure to disclose information regarding this prior conviction raised considerable doubts on his actual guilt and influenced the jury’s appreciation and perception of Mr. Hudson’s future dangerousness.

– Moreover, the prosecution was in possession of information regarding heavy medication Mr Hudson was involuntarily prescribed during his stay at the Dallas County Jail which demonstrated, without a doubt, that he suffered from mental distress. This information, again, was not provided to Mr Hudson’s counsel by the prosecution. Furthermore, the dosage of the medication was increased just before trial began. Mr Hudson was thus deprived to be present and an active participant at his own trial when his life was at stake.

By keeping such evidence from Mr Hudson’s attorneys, the Prosecution committed a Brady violation : it is more than likely that the outcome of Mr Hudson’s trial would have been different if the prosecution had not suppressed such documented facts and evidence from the defense attorneys.

Mr. Hudson has never benefited from a fair appellate process, you are the only authority who can give him justice and restore the image of a flawed legal system. Mr Hudson’s life rests with your appreciation of the type of justice he has had to deal with until now.

I thank you in advance for your time, you are a busy man I am sure, however Mr Hudson’s life is in your capable hands and I urge you to look into his case at your earliest convenience.


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