We just did a live radio interview with KPFT in Houston about our “Abolish the Death Penalty” project on Amazee.com. It aired at 5:18 pm today, Dec 1.

Join the “Abolish the Death Penalty Project” on Amazee.com and help us win the Amazee Bucket membership contest. We could win up to $5,000 to use against the death penalty. The project with the most members by Jan 22 wins. If we win, we plan to use one-half of any prize money we win to help needy families of people on death row travel to visit their loved ones on death row. We will use the other half of the prize money to fight against the death penalty.

First visit the project page on Amazee, then you have to click on “join project” on the right hand side, then click on “register”. Then to qualify as one of the members who count towards the contest, you have to upload a picture or avatar of yourself.

We were all moved by the family members who spoke at the 9th Annual March to Stop Executions in Houston, so we were thinking of how we could help them. We all know that the death penalty is reserved for the poor. There are no rich people on death row. We will use one half of any prize money we get through this contest to help family members visit their loved ones on death row. Many families have a hard time making ends meet and the extra cost of traveling long distances to visit their loved ones on death row is a great financial burden. Some of the people on death row have young children who rarely get to visit them. The other half would be used for activities during the upcoming Texas legislative session from Jan to May 2009, such as a big anti-death penalty rally at the capitol and other projects to persuade people to support abolishing the death penalty.

Thanks to Amazee for helping non-profits achieve their missions!

Here is how KPFT explains their radio station:

What is KPFT?
We’re an FM radio station, situated at 90.1 on your radio. We are one of the five stations that comprise what is called the Pacifica Network, a subject we’ll explain later.
Nearly 90 percent of our funding comes from individual listener-members. We have no large corporate sponsors. All too often, massive funding arrives with an agenda, not to mention all those commercials! Because of our independence from concentrated control, you can hear the difference between us and any other station in the first 10 or 15 minutes of listening. We are definitely different, and we revel in it.

The Pacifica Radio Network
In addition to being a radio station in its own right, KPFT is also an important part of the nationwide Pacifica Radio Network. Maverick broadcaster and peace activist Lewis Hill founded Pacifica Radio, in 1949. Lew Hill’s dream of a truly alternative media became a reality when its flagship station, KPFA in Berkeley, went on the air as a bold, alternative challenge to the market-driven airwaves. Hill’s vision created the country’s first audience-supported radio station and gave birth to public broadcasting as we know it today.
Lew and Pacifica’s other founders sought to create independent, noncommercial radio in the service of peace, social and racial justice, and the arts. They saw, and we see, radio as a forum to ignite the democratic spirit. For over 55 years, Pacifica has produced challenging, courageous, smart and independent programs.

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