From the Amazee “Project of the Day” announcement for Dec 2 featured on their front page.

Put an end to the death penalty!

2 December 08 If the death penalty is just or cruel, right or wrong, has been discussed at length at least since the age of the Aufklärung (Enlightenment). For a group of Americans, the case is quite clear. The death penalty must be abolished.

Scott Cobb, who started the project Abolish the Death Penalty, is one of those Texans who stand up in the fight against the – in their eyes – inhumane punishment and who want to end it in their own home state. But, of course, this goes much further. Only 92 nations have completely stopped sentencing offenders to death, including most of Europe and the wider parts of the Americas.

Now Scott had the chance to talk about his action group on local Houston radio station KPFT, and we have the snippet (click here to listen)! He has some pretty interesting things to say, also on his use of Amazee. But most importantly, he got an opportunity to spread the word on his cause, which we support. If you feel like joining the project, please do! After all, it’s Amnesty International’s global action for human rights day on the 10th of December. And, last, not least, the project people want to win the Amazee bucket, which distributes 10,000 USD in January to the project with the most members. This money can then be put to good use.

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