It could be a very good year in 2009 for the two people who remain in jail in the Yogurt Shop Case of Austin. The original convictions have already been overturned because of another issue. The two sides are preparing for new trials for both Robert Springsteen and Michael Scott. The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that the lawyer for one of the accused says that DNA evidence exonerates his client and he is demanding that he be released from custody.

New DNA test results from two of the four girls killed in the 1991 Austin yogurt shop murders do not match either of the two men facing retrials in the deaths, a defense lawyer for one of the suspects said Wednesday.

Investigators have discovered DNA from unknown males in swabs taken from the bodies of sisters Sarah and Jennifer Harbison, 15 and 17, respectively, said Joe James Sawyer, who represents defendant Robert Springsteen.

“I want my client out of jail,” said Sawyer, who argued that the tests exonerate Springsteen and the other defendant, Michael Scott.

The DNA from the victims also did not match that of two previous co-defendants, Sawyer said. Charges against Maurice Pierce and Forrest Welborn were dismissed.

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