Reginald W. Perkins is scheduled for execution in Texas on January 22, 2009.

-If you’re in the USA, contact Rick Perry (Gov. of TX) using the form at

-Fax the Office of the Governor at (512)-463- 1849

-Phone the Office of the Governor on (800)-252-9600 if you’re in TX, or (512)-463- 1782 if outside of TX/outside of USA

-Phone the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles on (512)-406- 5852

-Fax the TX Parole Board on 512)-467- 0945

-Email the TX Parole Board at

If you are not sure what to say when phoning, keep it short and simple,
———— ——— ——

I am calling to voice my concern about the upcoming execution of Reginald W. Perkins (TDCJ inmate number #999407). Then mention a couple of the facts below:

Mr. Perkins has a very low IQ which is the sign of diminished intelligence; he met the definition of a retarded person following the conclusion of an achievement test before he reached the age of 18. There has been unfairness of the process of evaluating his claim of mental retardation and a failure of his defense attorneys and the courts to accept the quality and quantity of mitigating evidence that was not presented to the jury.

There was neglect and emotional abuse and child physical maltreatment Mr. Perkins and his sibling were beaten by their mother, their father had abandoned his children and left for Texas ), they spent nights under the porch to avoid more beating. His family lived in abject poverty . His mother never showed affection toward her children. His mother told him many times that she didn’t want him and did everything to abort.

Mr. Perkins was disserved at the punishment stage for the reasons above.
Dr. Mark D. Cunningham, a forensic psychologist of national reputation, testified that it was actuarially unlikely that Mr. Perkins would be a future danger while serving a life sentence.

Mr. Perkins is rehabilitated, he has been always an inmate without any problems and he deserves his sentence to be commuted to life without parole.

I urge you to grant a commutation of Mr. Perkins’ death sentence.

I am grateful for your consideration of this matter.

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