Protest the Execution of Curtis Moore in Texas Today, Jan. 14

Call (512) 463-1782 or email Governor Perry

Curtis Moore’s execution date today is the first of numerous scheduled lethal injections in Texas this year.

Texas has 14 executions scheduled through April, six in January.

A Fort Worth man who had an extensive criminal record before being convicted in the robbery and killing of three people in 1995 is scheduled for execution tonight. Curtis Moore, 40, would be the first condemned inmate executed this year in the United States and among six scheduled to die in Huntsville over the next 15 days. Moore’s appeals are exhausted. His lawyers cited his possible mental retardation as the reason the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles should commute his sentence to life in prison. However, on Monday the board unanimously rejected a clemency request. Moore has already made one trip to the Huntsville death house. In 2002, less than three hours before he was to receive a lethal injection, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped his scheduled execution so claims from his attorneys that he was mentally retarded and ineligible for execution could be reviewed. In October, the high court turned down his appeal, clearing the way for today’s execution date to be set. — The Associated Press

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