Below is a letter sent to us by Frank Moore’s wife, Danielle. She asks that interested people copy it, make your own modifications to express your own ideas in your own words and mail it or fax your letter to the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Rissie Owens
Presiding Officer, Board of Pardons and Paroles
Executive Clemency Section
8610 Shoal Creek Boulevard
Austin, TX 78757

Re: Frank Moore (TDCJ # 999210)

January 13, 2009

VIA FAX: 512/467-0945

Dear Rissie Owens, Board Presiding Officer, and other Board Members:

I am requesting by this letter that you commute Frank Mooreʼs death sentence and recommend either clemency or a new trial. He has an execution date of January 21.

Frank Mooreʼs actions in 1994 were in self defense. Testimony against Mr. Moore by key witness Ms. Wallace was inconsistent with other testimony and concealed the whereabouts and relationship to other witness. Knowles Ray, who had key information as to the lead up to Mr. Mooreʼs act of self defense was never called to testify. Also, evidence of the criminal history of the witnesses was not allowed in the trial by the trial judge in violation of his right to a fair trial. This evidence was essential to showing the victim was actually the aggressor. There have been several affidavits that support the claim that Mr. Moore was defending himself and new evidence has also been presented by investigator Huel that he says proves Mr. Moore was defending himself.

Frank Moore was abandoned by his birth mother and through sheer willpower he survived on the streets of San Antonio on his own for many years. He had struggled and kept himself in school until the 10th grade. Since 1994 Mr. Moore has become a religious man, has grown spiritually and personally and is no longer the same person he was in 1994.

Justice allows for mercy and I ask for mercy for Frank Moore. The State of Texas administers the death penalty in only 2% of murder cases and, given its finality, can never be administered fairly. The death penalty is an extreme punishment which can never be reversed, depriving the accused of the possibility of redemption. Because of these factors and because use of the death penalty has no redeeming value and no deterrent effect, I would ask that you consider it to be an extreme form of punishment in this case and recommend commutation.


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