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Another round of DNA testing and…

It’s Time for Travis County to Drop the charges in the Yogurt Shop Case!

Saturday, January 24

3 pm – Meet at D.A.’s office, 11th and Lavaca
 March to City Hall
 3:45  – Rally at City Hall, 1st and Lavaca.

Speakers Include:

Jeannine Scott – Wife of defendant Michael Scott
Diane Castaneda – Member of Grand Jury during original indictment
Delia Perez Meyer – Sister of death row prisoner Louis Castro Perez
Steven Been and KADP – Family members of death row prisoner Jeff Wood
Jason Kyriakides – Member of Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Things are heating up in the Yogurt Shop case!  As many of you may know, long time CEDP member Jeannine Scott is fighting for her husband Michael Scott, who was wrongfully imprisoned for murder in this case.   In 1991 four young women were killed in an Austin yogurt shop.  After an eight year investigation marked by several false confessions, and insufficient evidence, four young men were arrested for the murders.  Despite no physical evidence, Robert Springsteen was sentenced to death and Michael Scott was sentenced to life in prison.  The basis of the convictions were “confessions” from Mike and Robert, which have been shown to have been coerced  Although both men refused to testify against each other, each of their so-called confessions were used in the other’s trial as evidence.  It is on the basis of this misuse of the “confessions” that both men had their convictions thrown out in 2007 and Michael and Robert were granted new trials.

A few of the problems in this case include the fact that recent DNA testinghas again failed to match to any of the original four men indicted for these murders,  and that during Michael Scott’s interrogation a gun was held to his head in a so-called role-playing exercise
Another hearing is not scheduled until March 4, where the judge will consider releasing Michael and Robert on bond.  Meanwhile, the prosecution and defense will contain to await even further DNA testing.

Here is a good article outlining the recent developments:

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