Rep Jessica Farrar, who has filed a bill to abolish the death penalty, has been elected to lead Democrats in the Texas House. Her abolition bill is HB 682. She first filed an abolition bill in 2007, when she became the second state representative in recent years to file an abolition bill. Rep Harald Dutton has filed an abolition bill each session since 2003. His bill this year is HB 297.







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February 19, 2009



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Rep. Farrar Elected Chair of House Democratic Caucus


( AUSTIN ) —  On Thursday, February 19, 2009, the Democratic Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives elected State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) Chair for the 2009-10 term.


Rep. Farrar stated that, “I am honored that my colleagues have demonstrated such faith in my leadership by electing me Democratic Caucus Chair.  I pledge to continue to work with all members of the Texas House to protect and promote Democratic values by organizing efforts that deliver what Texans need in these hard economic times — health care, child care, an educated workforce produced by solid public schools and universities, all of which build a stronger economy.”


First on Rep. Farrar’s agenda as Chair is to immediately ask all Democratic Caucus members to participate in developing an agenda for the 81st Legislative Session that addresses the state’s most pressing needs.  “It is our responsibility to listen to our constituents and act on their concerns.  Many times, the most crucial needs of everyday Texans are overlooked and overrun by misguided political agendas that cater to everyone but our constituents.  I am committed to ensuring that the Democratic Caucus continues to put people before politics.”


Given that a recent Gallup poll demonstrated that slightly more Texans identify themselves as Democrats rather than as Republicans (43.4% to 41%), Rep. Farrar believes that Texans across the state are ready for a new kind of leadership in the Texas House.  “It is clear to me and my colleagues that more than ever, the House Democratic Caucus is in a position to serve as the voice of the majority of Texans that view issues such as education, health care, child care, emergency preparedness, and economic stability as the topics that the Texas Legislature should be addressing in place of the divisive and polarizing political agendas that have dominated for so long,” she stated. 


Rep. Farrar is in her 8th term as state representative of District 148. 



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