From 1924 to 1964, there were 361 executions in Texas. There were zero executions in Texas between July 30, 1964 and December 7, 1982. Since 1982, there have been 360 executions in Texas. On March 22, 2006, Robert Salazar, Jr is scheduled to become the 361st person executed in Texas since 1982.

It took Texas 40 years to execute 361 people from 1924-1964. It will have taken Texas 24 years to execute 361 more people, if Texas carries out the execution of Salazar on March 22.

Urge Texas Governor Rick Perry to Stop the Execution of Robert Salazar, Jr.

Texas kicked off executions in Huntsville on February 8, 1924, when five African-Americans were executed on the same day. From 1924-1964, 63.4 percent of the people executed in Texas were African-American.

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