Kinky Friedman sent an email out today announcing that he is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Texas in the 2010 primary election. One of his positions is that Texas should abolish the death penalty.

Kinky was one of almost 1900 people who signed Texas Moratorium Network’s complaint against Sharon Keller that we turned in to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2007. The Commission charged Keller with misconduct and her trial starts on August 17 in Austin. Kinky also signed the Texas Moratorium Network petition for a moratorium on executions in 2005.

We will be watching to see if Tom Schieffer endorses a moratorium on executions. Schieffer has formed an expoloratory committee to seek support for a run for governor in the 2010 Democratic primary.

The Texas Democratic Party platform has endorsed a moratorium on executions since 2004 when TMN’s Scott Cobb was elected to the platform committee at the state convention and wrote a new section on capital punishment in the party platform.

Below is an undated video of Kinky talking about the death penalty.

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