The Texas anti-death penalty groups who were nominated for the Social Media Leadership Award are finalists for the award, which will be announced by Friday. Like the Foundation, we were very impressed with all the groups who were nominated. We have learned a lot by learning how other non-profits are using social media to advance their causes and create online communities to build their movements.

We have big plans if we are fortunate enough to win the award and the $3,000 prize, including building a new online portal for the Texas anti-death penalty community and its friends and allies around the world to work together to stop executions in Texas. Keep your fingers crossed that we win.

There are a couple of systems we are considering to use for the new portal. The first system under consideration is Word Press MU with That system would allow multiple blogs from different people and groups The second system under consideration is Open Publish, which is Drupal based, so we could use that with CiviCRm.

You can join our community on to protest the 200th execution under Texas Governor Rick Perry.

From the Jenzabar blog:

Selection Process Still Underway
May 13, 2009 · No Comments

Due to the quality of the submissions/campaigns that are currently under review, the Foundation is still in the process of selecting the winner of the Social Media Leadership Award. Thank you for your continued patience. The winner will be announced by this Friday.

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