We spent a lot of time working with Rep Terri Hodge this session, but we had not heard this story of her waiting by Gov Perry’s car to talk to him.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Hodge says her proudest accomplishment was her work on reforming the “law of parties” – even though the measure fell apart in the last moment in the Senate.

The bill stems from the 2007 commutation of a death sentence for Kenneth Foster, who drove the getaway car during a crime spree that resulted in a shooting death. He was 90 feet away from the murder in the car but received the death penalty.

When it appeared the bill could collapse because of concerns from Gov. Rick Perry, Hodge took a cup of tea and sat on a bench outside of the Capitol, where Perry’s car was parked.

She waited an hour to confront him. They later set up a meeting and got on the same page.

“I stalked his vehicle in order to see him,” she said.

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