The Dallas Morning News is reporting that

the Willingham case has drawn national interest and is becoming a political thorn for Perry. GOP rival Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign on Monday accused him of trying “to cover up a critical investigation.”

Below is the Hutchison campaign’s press release posted to Texans for Kay. It also contains an extensive list of media coverage of Rick Perry’s cover up of the Willingham case.

“Unchecked Government” Talk Comes On The Same Day Former Commission Head Says Governor’s Office Pressured Him Over Investigation

October 12, 2009

Austin – Today, in Corpus Christi, Rick Perry said that our nation’s leaders need to re-read the Constitution, especially the part about checks and balances. However, Rick Perry’s talk of “unchecked government” comes after a month of headlines exposing his treating Texas like his own political playground. Whether it’s University Regents or the Texas Forensic Science Commission, it’s clear that Rick Perry’s talk of checks and balances is just more arrogant political rhetoric.

“Only Rick Perry would arrogantly warn about the dangers of ‘unchecked government’ as he and his aides force University Regents to resign, pressure appointees and try to cover-up a critical investigation. From University Regents to the Texas Forensic Science Commission, it’s clear that the only checks and balances that Rick Perry cares about are those of his campaign re-election fund,” said Joe Pounder, Hutchison Deputy Communications Director.

In Corpus Christi, Rick Perry Talked About The Virtues Of Check And Balances:

In Corpus Christi, Perry Warned About The Dangers Of “Unbalanced, Unchecked Government.” PERRY: “Every day we get more proof that the powers to be in our nation’s capital are ignoring the limits that our Founding Fathers placed in the Constitution. Limits our early leaders ratified because they knew firsthand the experience of an unrestrained government. They knew how quickly unbalanced, unchecked government could become a tyranny.” (Rick Perry, Remarks, Corpus Christi, TX, 10/12/09)

However, Perry’s Talk Of Checks And Balances Comes After A Month Of Headlines Exposing His Unchecked Power In State Government:

Chicago Tribune: “Former Head Of Texas Forensics Panel Probing 1991 Fire Says He Felt Pressured By Gov. Perry Aides” (Steve Mills, “Former Head Of Texas Forensics Panel Probing 1991 Fire Says He Felt Pressured By Gov. Perry Aides,” Chicago Tribune, 10/12/09)

The Associated Press: “Tech Regent, Perry Ally Pressured Him To Resign” (April Castro, “Tech regent: Perry ally pressured him to resign,” The Associated Press 9/4/09)

The Associated Press: “3 Texas Commissioners Looking Into Arson Dismissed” (Jeff Carlton, “3 Texas commissioners looking into arson dismissed,” The Associated Press, 9/30/09)

Austin American-Statesman: “Two Former Tech Regents Say They Were Pressured To Resign For Supporting Hutchison” (Jason Embry and Corrie MacLaggan, “Two former Tech regents say they were pressured to resign for supporting Hutchison (updated),” Austin American-Statesman’s “Postcards” Blog,, 9/4/09, Accessed 9/7/09)

Austin American-Statesman: “Governor’s Meddling A Concern” (Editorial, “Governor’s Meddling A Concern,” Austin American-Statesman, 9/13/09)

Austin American-Statesman: “Governor Grants Stay Of Scientific Evidence” (Editorial, “Governor grants stay of scientific evidence,” Austin American-Statesman, 10/3/09)

Austin American-Statesman: “Forensic Panelists Urged Perry Against A Shakeup” (Jason Embry, “Forensic Panelists Urged Perry Against A Shakeup,” Austin American-Statesman’s “Postcards” Blog,, 10/6/09)

CNN: “Shake-Up In Texas Execution Probe Draws Criticism, Questions” (Matt Smith, “Shake-up in Texas execution probe draws criticism, questions,” CNN,, 10/1/09)

Dallas Morning News: “Perry’s Treating Universities Like They Are His Playground. (Editorial, “Perry’s Treating Universities Like They Are His Playground,” The Dallas Morning News, 9/13/09)

Dallas Morning News: “Gov. Perry Replaces Head Of Agency Investigating Texas Arson Findings” (Christy Hoppe, “Gov. Perry replaces head of agency investigating Texas arson findings,” The Dallas Morning News, 10/1/09)

Dallas Morning News: “Perry’s Willingham Delay” (Editorial, “Perry’s Willingham delay,” The Dallas Morning News, 10/2/09)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Texas Governor Derails Important Review Of Forensics In Willingham Murder Case” (Editorial, “Texas governor derails important review of forensics in Willingham murder case,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/2/09)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Burleson Scientist Says She’s ‘Suspicious’ Of Perry’s Motives In Overhauling Forensics Panel” (Dave Montgomery, “Burleson scientist says she’s ‘suspicious’ of Perry’s motives in overhauling forensics panel,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/2/09)

Houston Chronicle: “Perry Action Delays Arson Panel’s Probe” (Allan Turner, “Perry action delays arson panel’s probe,” Houston Chronicle, 9/30/09)

KDFW-TV: “Perry Disables Forensic Commission” (Richard Ray, “Perry Disables Forensic Commission,” KDFW-TV,, 9/30/09)

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: “Griffin Says Perry’s Former Chief Of Staff Asked Him To Resign From Regents.” (Adam D. Young, “Griffin says Perry’s former chief of staff asked him to resign from regents,” Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 9/4/09, Available at:

San Antonio Express-News: “Perry’s Meddling Hurting Higher Ed” (Editorial, “Perry’s Meddling Hurting Higher Ed,” San Antonio Express-News, 9/11/09)

San Antonio Express-News: “Perry Errs With Panel Shake-Up” (Editorial, “Perry Errs With Panel Shake-Up,” San Antonio Express-News, 10/7/09)

Texas Monthly: “The Cover-Up” (Paul Burka, “The cover-up,” Texas Monthly’s “Burkablog” Blog,, 10/1/09)

Wichita Falls Times Record News: “Political Use Of Raw Power Is Stunning” (Larry Petrash, “Petrash: Political Use Of Raw Power Is Stunning,” Wichita Falls Times Record News, 10/4/09)

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