Patrick Williams of the Dallas Observer published a story titled “Does Death Row Offer Door Prizes?” about the growing support for a moratorium on executions and the news of new voices calling for a moratorium!

Here is part of the story…

That last one comes from the Texas Moratorium Network, a statewide anti-death penalty group that says “an important new voice is about to be raised in support of a moratorium in Texas.” Whose voice? That’s a secret until around the end of the month, but the network is soliciting guesses on its blog about who the new supporter will be. “After the news breaks, we will post the names on our blog of the people who correctly predicted the name of the new voice. Maybe we will also post the incorrect guesses just for fun,” the group writes in its newsletter.

Fun and Texas’ Death Row. Yee-haw.

“We can’t have a little fun?” TMN President Scott Cobb asked when Buzz gave him a ring in Austin to see if we could get a hint and the big new name. “I don’t think it detracts from anything.” Hopefully, Cobb says, building a little suspense will drive a few people to the group’s Web site and stir up some of the flagging interest in stopping executions in a state that has put to death 369 people since 1982 and is on track to kill four more just this month. This is despite recent news reports that at least one and maybe three innocent persons were part of that tally, and despite a growing chorus among editorialists for a moratorium at least until the Texas death machine is given a thorough review.

The response to Mr. Williams’ question is YES! We are teaming up with TSADP and offering one free registration for the 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break (housing included) to the first person who correctly guesses who the new voice will be. The winner can also bring a friend to spring break for free too.

Please send your guesses to hooman (at) ASAP! The winner will be determined by the timestamp on the email.

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