We saw this comment on the Dallas DA race in an email from Tom Blackwell of Dallas. Tom points out on his website that John Kerry got more votes (200,854) than George Bush (146,952) in Dallas County in 2004, so the DA race there could be competitive.

Dallas GOP DA candidate Toby Shook was the Prosecutor at the Darlie Routier murder trial. Now the A&E Cable Network is running an episode called “Mother on Death Row”, that shows evidence that should have been presented to the Jury was omitted, and that one juror now thinks she is innocent. “We hear from a juror who now thinks that Darlie is innocent, the lead prosecutor and defense attorney in the case, and Darlie and her husband”, says the promotional material.

Republicans are campaigning with the slogan “Throw the Shook at them.” If doing
that means jurors do not see important evidence, a woman is sent to death row, and the prosecutor proceeds with a personal ego trip and the Republican nomination for DA of Dallas County – – we have some urgent business to attend to in the November General Election.

Watching this documentary – – I recall something about a principle called “reasonable doubt.”

Here is the web page of the Democratic nominee, Craig Watkins, which is now “under construction”

Recall that the people of Dallas County came very close to electing Craig Watkins to this office 4 years ago…

Regards, TOM BLACKWELL, PO Box 25403, Dallas, Texas 75225

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