UPDATE Oct 18: Anthony Haynes received a stay of execution from the U.S. Supreme Court about three hours before his scheduled execution.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Anthony Haynes moved a step closer to execution on Tuesday when the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously rejected his request that it recommend his death sentence be commuted to life in prison.

Haynes alternately had asked the board to recommend to Gov. Rick Perry that his execution be stayed for 90 days to allow for a review of his case. The board also rejected that request.

Haynes is scheduled for execution on Thursday, Oct 18, in Huntsville.

Members of TMN will be in Huntsville on October 18 to protest the scheduled execution of Anthony Haynes. There will be a short five minute black and white 16 mm film shot on the 18th about what happens outside the prison on the day of an execution. It is being made for a UT film school class. The film will contain no dialogue, just images of what happens. We encourage anyone who can make it to Huntsville to attend the protest.

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