The most important reason that many people want a stop to executions in Texas is the risk of innocent people being executed. Even many people who support the death penalty in general do not support it in practice because they are concerned that innocent people are spending years and years on death row or even being executed before they can prove their innocence, such as happened to Cameron Willingham.

Greg Wright is yet another case of a probably innocent person on Texas death row. He is fortunately still alive, unlike Willingham. Thanks to Bente, one of our friends in Norway, for tipping us off on this breaking news!

Wright may yet walk off death row after proving his innocence considering this latest news from his lawyers. Read more at this website and sign a petition supporting him here.




DNA Tests Suggest Gregory Edward Wright, On Texas Death Row, Has Been Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder

On December 10, 1997, a Texas court convicted and sentenced Gregory Edward Wright to the death penalty for murder (F97-01215-PJ). Today, his attorneys have authorized release of news that approved DNA tests show evidence used at his trial, and crucial to the prosecution case, is unlikely to be reliable. This new DNA evidence, together with a recent successful polygraph test, suggests that Wright has been truthful in his assertion of innocence.

Livingston, Texas (PRWEB) August 6, 2007 — Greg’s legal team, headed by Bruce Anton and Meg Penrose have authorized the following announcement: “Following approved DNA testing in recent weeks, Gregory Edward Wright was excluded as a contributor to the DNA on the knife used in the crime for which he has been accused. Additionally, it has been found that Greg’s DNA is inconsistent with the biological material found on the pair of jeans, claimed at the trial (F97-01215-PJ) by the prosecution to have been worn by him.”

These two facts, coming as they do on top of a successful polygraph examination, represent significant new evidence in this case. It is the intention of Greg’s attorneys to seek immediate consideration of these factors by every legal means.

In June 2007, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to consider a Writ of Certiorari (No. 06-10186). In November 2006 the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal declined a Certificate of Appealability (05-70037). Wright’s wife, Connie, states: “The new DNA evidence challenges still further the prosecution theories of my husband’s actions and complicity in the crime of murder. He has further shown he has told the truth by convincingly passing a polygraph test in May this year. Greg has always declared his innocence of this crime and now it is the duty of the courts to heed this new evidence. I live for the day of Greg’s exoneration and release from Death Row. We place our trust in the legal process of the American courts to ensure that Greg is protected from a miscarriage of Justice.”

Contact: CONNIE WRIGHT – Email:

Attorney: Bruce Anton
Sorrels, Udashen & Anton
Suite 400
2301 Cedar Springs Road
Texas 75201
Tel: 214-468-8100

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