Look at the map below. Texas has executed more than four times as many people as any other state. There are five executions scheduled in Texas in August and only two in the rest of the United States. Including one person who did not actually kill anyone, Kenneth Foster. He is being executed for driving a car when another person got out and killed someone 80 feet away. Texas blogger Sean-Paul Kelley of “The Agonist” last week explained the Foster case on The Huffington Post. Looking at the map, two questions come to mind: “How many of the people that Texas has executed were innocent?” and “How many would have been sentenced to life in prison, or something besides death, in another state?” Which brings up a third question, “What is wrong with Texas?”

There have been 1089 executions in the United States since 1977, but only 1086 are represented on this map. The other three executions were conducted by the federal government and not by a state.

Map created by Texas Moratorium Network

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