Jeff Wood is waiting to die on Texas Death Row with an execution date of August 21st, 2008. Jeff was charged under the Law of Parties, and was not the shooter in this crime. Jeff could not anticipate that a murder would occur.The actual shooter in this case has already been executed by the state of Texas.

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Below are pictures of Jeff’s family protesting recently in Austin at Rick Perry’s temporary home in Southwest Austin and at the Capitol.

Protesting outside the Governor’s residence in Austin Texas.

Capital X trying to make contact with the Governor via intercom, and security cameras.

Paige (Jeff’s daughter), and her uncle Steven holding up the sign she made in front of the security camera at the Governor’s mansion.

Paige (Jeff’s daughter) disappointed that she did not get to speak to the governor.

Day 3 of protesting for Wood’s Family

Protesting on Memorial day 2008 outside the state capitol

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