Of the 20 currently scheduled executions in the United States, 13 of them are in Texas. Isn’t it about time the people who make decisions on funding state-level anti-death penalty efforts send some funding to Texas. We have teamed up with other anti-death penalty groups in Texas to submit an application to the Tides Foundation Death Penalty Mobilization Fund’s State Strategies program. We submitted the application on Aug 15, in the midst of the campaign to Save Jeff Wood. We hope they decide to fund Texas. In 2006, we applied but they refused to fund us that year, instead sending $70,000 to Iowa and Wisconsin, two states that don’t even have the death penalty.

Gregory Wright Sept 9
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Charles Hood Sept 10
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Judge and Prosecutor in Hood’s Trial Were Having an Affair

William Murray Sept 17
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Joseph Ries Sept 18
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Kevin Watts Oct 16
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Eric Nenno Oct 28
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Elkie Taylor November 6
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Rogelio Cannady Nov 6
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George Whitaker III Nov 12
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Denard Manns Nov 13
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Eric Cathey Nov 18
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Robert Hudson Nov 20
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Reginald Perkins Jan 22, 2009
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Fall 2006 State Strategies Grant Recipients

Grantee Grant Amount
Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty $50,000
Iowans Against the Death Penalty $20,000
Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty $20,000
Maryland Citizens Against State Executions $2,500
Death Penalty Focus $45,000
Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty $45,000
TOTAL: $182,500

Total for Texas = zero (Great job, national leaders)

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