On August 30, 2007, Texas Governor Rick Perry commuted the death sentence of Kenneth Foster, Jr. following a sustained grassroots campaign led by Kenneth’s family and anti-death penalty activists from Texas and across the country. This video was taken the night staff members from Texas’ death row transported Kenneth to the death house in Huntsville several hours ahead of schedule. As promised, Kenneth refused to cooperate. His bravery in this video is a testament to his fighting spirit and commitment to social justice.

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2 Responses to Video of Force Being Used on Kenneth Foster

  1. Veronica says:

    I just heard about a new documentary film about the death penalty — Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead. Know anything about that?

  2. Texas Moratorium Network says:

    Hello Veronica,

    This is what we find out about that film on Wikipedia:

    “Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead” is an independent theatrical documentary film about retributivist death penalty advocate Robert Blecker and his relationship with Daryl Holton, a death row inmate who murdered his four children. Directed by Ted Schillinger. Produced by Bruce David Klein. A production of Atlas Media Corp.

    The film was completed in November 2007 and was an official selection of the 2008 USA Film Festival. It made its world premiere at the festival in Dallas, Texas on April 25th, 2008.

    It will be released theatrically in October 2008.

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