We recently discovered a cool new service called TextPayMe, which allows you to send money to others via a text message on your cell phone. Paying for stuff through text messaging is pretty common in Europe and Japan, but it hasn’t yet caught on here in the States. We think that it will be as popular as PayPal in a short time.

Click the banner below to check it out and sign up for free. They’ll even deposit five dollars in your TextPayMe account when you sign up. No kidding. You get $5 for free. It costs you nothing. So sign up by clicking on the link below, get your $5 for free, and then you can help us out by donating the $5 to Texas Moratorium Network, so that we can raise some funds to use against the death penalty.

And, if 35 more people sign up via the link below, TextPayMe will give us an XBOX 360, which we will then auction on Ebay and raise some more funds for our non-profit work.

It is very easy to use. To donate to TMN, just follow the instructions and text the message to the cell phone number 512-689-1544.

SignUp at TextPayMe

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